Hornbeam Trees

My Son, Skyler had given me a camera in May, 2011 as repayment for a debt. I readily accepted this form of payment and started learning how to use the camera (a Nikon D80). While learning how to use it, I started noticing things around me that I had previously ignored or been oblivious to. I was now on the hunt for interesting things to photograph.

One of those interesting things sat across the street from the Courthouse TRAX station. It was an old building behind the Matheson Courthouse that used to be the location of a car dealership. The south-facing brick wall of that building had been painted white and there was a copse of hornbeam trees lining it. Certain sections of the bricks were quite haphazardly placed and the paint on the bricks had started to peel. The hornbeam trees had changed their color but most of the leaves were resisting being dropped to the ground. The trees, the wall and the colors really caught my eye as an interesting scene.

On November 14, 2011, I got off TRAX and walked across the street with my camera gear in tow. I had never done a panorama shot before, but this copse of trees and the painted wall just begged to be photographed as a panorama, so I gave it a try.

I setup my tripod and attached my camera and started taking various shots of the trees and the wall. This photo, which is just a small segment of the finished panorama, is a portion of the result. If you’re interested in┬áseeing the full-size version, visit my photography website: stevenralphimages.com.

Towards the end of 2016, this building and the trees were torn down to make room for a new building and a parking garage, but my panorama remains and is one of my favorite photos. I had it printed and framed and it is hanging up in our home.

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