About Us

SkyCor.net is owned by Steven and Lisa Sharp and is now hosted on Bluehost.com.

This is a personal website; we have nothing to sell and very little that we want to buy.

The name “SkyCor” is taken from the first three letters of our two boys first names: Skyler and Cory.

If you have any questions about the stuff you see on this site, please send an email to Steven: srsharp at gmail dot com

February 3, 2018:

Recently, our website was hacked and severely damaged to the point of total destruction. It has taken us a week, but we finally have the site back up. Of course, it will take us much longer than a week to get all of our content back, because we have to sift through the wreckage to make sure we don’t bring the hacker’s code back.

The very first two posts that we’ve put on this site are both from our Son, Cory Sharp. They’re the texts of two talks he recently gave in his church. Neither of these two posts were on our old site, but we felt they were good posts to start this new site with. Thanks for sharing, Cory!

February 19, 2018

After putting Cory’s two talks on here, we added the posts from our old Salt Lake SGR Club website. And we’re still sifting through the wreckage of our old SkyCor.net website and finding a few little gems to put back; so stay tuned!