Sometimes, You Just Find Yourself…

Sometimes, you just find yourself doing it anyway.

I was walking home from TRAX on my usual path and noticed these interesting clouds hanging low on the horizon with a clear blue sky above. The next thought that came to mind was, “I should stop and take a photo of that, it’s pretty cool!” But then I thought, “Nah, I don’t want to have to take off my backpack, get my camera out and delay my getting home.” So I kept walking and convincing myself that a photo wouldn’t be worth the extra time to take it.

Then I found myself walking past the point where I turn to go home and noticed that I had stopped at the corner of the roundabout (wait, do roundabouts have corners? Let’s just pretend that they do). I was a bit surprised that I had done that. Then I noticed that I had taken my backpack off and had pulled out my camera.

Wow, I thought, this is weird.

And now I have a photo to remember the moment I was reluctant, but did it anyway.

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