So there I was, riding home on TRAX a little later in the day than usual and listening to an audiobook (A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles; great book, by the way) when I decided to look out the window towards the mountains in the East.

The sun was just setting and casting an interesting light on the Wasatch Mountains, especially Mount Olympus. As I sat there, admiring the way the light was playing on the mountains, I decided that it was cool enough that I should take a picture of it. So I got off of TRAX at the 39th South station and looked for a good vantage point from which to take a picture.

As I walked through the TRAX parking lot, it became very apparent to me that I wasn’t going to find a view that didn’t have the utility poles and wires in the shot. As I thought about that, I decided to change the subject matter of my shot from the mountains to the utility poles and wires; after all, isn’t one of the purposes of photography to document what we see in the way that we see it?

After taking a few shots, I walked back to the TRAX station and caught the next train to the 45th South station. I got off again in hopes of getting a clearer view of the mountains. I did find a clearer view, but the sun had descended enough that the light wasn’t shining on the mountains in the same way. I took a few more photos of the mountains anyway, but they didn’t capture my imagination the way the shot of the utility poles and wires with the mountains behind them did.

So I’m sticking with this shot of the mountains photobombing my photo of the poles and wires!

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