Orange Bench

I don’t usually do “selfies”, but when I saw this orange bench, I couldn’t help myself. This is a bench that my Sister-In-Law, Kathy, has sitting along the walkway to her home. I love the planter that is hanging on the wall with orange pots, too. Kathy is a very creative, artistic young lady!


A Smoky Sunrise

At first it looked like the clouds were going to be too thick for me to get a shot of the sunrise. But as the sun rose higher, it became apparent that the clouds weren’t really clouds, it was smoke from a distant fire.


Kyson Gets A Cozy Coupe


Thanks for the Cozy Coupe Dad! Is it supposed to be in this many pieces?


Oh, I see, I’m supposed to sit in it and then scoot around!


It’s not going anywhere, Dad! Can you do something to fix it?


Coaching Dad and Papa on how to put the Cozy Coupe together


Wow! This is fun!


Wow! It’s even more fun when I turn around!


Hi Dad! I love you! Thanks for putting the Cozy Coupe together for me!