Emerson’s First Photo Shoot

What a fun way to celebrate Shaylie’s Birthday; taking portrait photos of newborn Emerson! Thanks to Marie Nielsen for letting us borrow some props and giving us some tips and tricks regarding the process. And I’m SO glad that Shaylie and Lisa were there to do all the hard work of posing Emerson and holding the lights. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Here are my favorites from Emerson’s first photo shoot:







Happy Birthday, Shaylie!

I have two beautiful, wonderful, amazing daughters-in-law; Shaylie and Katie. I love those two young ladies!

And one of those two wonderful young ladies has a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Shaylie!

Thanks for letting us spend the day with you and your cute little family!

Here are just a few of the photos I’ve taken while spending some time with Shaylie and Family:



Eli at the Skate Park

Eli at the Skate Park

Eli and Emerson

Eli and Emerson

Skyler, Shaylie and Emerson

Skyler, Shaylie and Emerson

The Sunrise on Shaylie's Birthday.

The Sunrise on Shaylie’s Birthday.

Freya and Shadow singing "happy birthday" to Shaylie

Freya and Shadow singing “happy birthday” to Shaylie

Lego Steven with his Lego Camera

Lego Steven with his Lego Camera

The Sunset on Shaylie's Birthday

The Sunset on Shaylie’s Birthday

It’s A Moonly Moon

It has been a while since I’ve been able to get a few good shots of the Moon; at least a month, I’d say. I’m glad that Frankie reminded me to bring my camera along on our walks in the evenings this past week.




Kevin Jones, AKA “The Boneman” christened this photo the “Lunar Lollipop”