Full Moon Over The Temple

I just love the timing that the Universe has and how it provides opportunities for people. I had no intention of taking a photo of the full moon as it set on Tuesday, but the Universe had different plans.

I typically ride TRAX to work, but on Tuesday, I drove the car to take Lisa to the Airport. She had to be there by 6:45am to be able to catch her flight to Florida to stay with Shaylie and Eli for a week. As I was driving out of the Airport, I looked over my shoulder and saw the full moon and the cloudless, blue sky. The idea dawned on my that maybe this morning would be a good day to take a photo of the full moon over the Salt Lake LDS Temple. So I set my mind to do just that.

I parked the car in my usual spot at work and walked over to State Street, across the street from Temple Square. I setup my tripod and camera and captured a few shots of the setting full moon.





Blessings: Day 5 of 5

I want to thank my Son, who’s birthday is today (happy birthday, Skyler!) for getting me into photography. Until he gave me a Nikon DSLR and three lenses three years ago, I never knew how much fun photography could be. It has been a wonderful, eye-opening journey. Thank you, Skyler!

Here is a collection of a few of my favorite shots of sunrises, moonrises, sunsets, clouds and our beautiful mountains.